beolab 17

from £2950

Wireless and ingeniously designed speaker with a forceful sound performance that punches way beyond its actual size.

Available in:

Aluminium, Black, White & Brass Tone

beolab 18

from £4360

An iconic pillar of luxury sound, Beolab 18 is a wireless speaker crafted from carefully selected materials.

Available in:

Silver, Black & Brass Tone.

Cover Options include:

Black, White, Oak, Smoked Oak & Walnut.

beolab 19


High-end wireless subwoofer brining powerful bass and a unique sculptural design to your living room.

Available in:

Black, Grey, White & Black/Brass Tone

beolab 20


Flexible wireless speaker combining delicate highs and forceful lows for full acoustic impact.

Available in:

Black, White & Forged Iron Grey

beolab 50

from £26,000

High-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with graceful aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship.

Available in:

Aluminium, Brass Tone & Piano Black

Cover Options Include:

Black, Aluminium, Oak & Smoked Oak


FROM £61,000

Perhaps the world’s most advanced digital loudspeaker. Unprecedented power and acoustic performance adapting seamlessly to your living space and listening modes.

Available Finishes:

Silver with Black or Parisian Night Fabric

Brass Tone with Black or Parisian Night Fabric

Panel Finishes in Oak or Smoked Oak