second life

Below you will find a selection of products that have been tested and inspected by our team in preparation for a second life of use.

Warranties start at a minimum of 3 months, feel free to enquire if you have any questions at all.



beolab 4000 (pair) x2

(Per Pair Price Shown)


" When it comes to sound reproduction we believe there's only one relevant parameter: How close can we come to the originally recorded sound. We feel an obligation not to disturb the intentions of the artist by adding unnatural elements to the acoustic image. Therefore all Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers share the same goal. They differ in size and shape and in terms of sound pressure level. But they are all developed to reproduce the natural, unaltered sound as closely as possible "

Here we are selling BeoLab 4000 speakers that are in good working order. BeoLab 4000 turns flexibility into an art form. Placing amplifiers directly in the loudspeakers themselves not only improves sound quality but allows the manufacturer to reduce the cabinet's overall size. The result is a compact loudspeaker that can sit on a shelf, bookcase or hang, at almost any angle, from the wall or ceiling. BeoLab 4000 is equally at home in a stereo setup, a surround sound system or as superior multimedia speakers for your computer.


Beolab 6000 (pair)


“As easy on the eye as they are on the ear, BeoLab 6000 loudspeakers - designed by David Lewis - defy conventional thinking in delivering the maximum sound from the minimum of space.”

Here we are selling a pair of superb condition BeoLab 6000. Black Grilles with Silver finished aluminium. With their sleek design, the BeoLab 6000 can fit into any room and fill it with high quality audio. Boasting Bang & Olufsen’s own ABL technology, the bass response will shock you coming from a speaker so slim.


Beolab 2


“It's the smallest things that make all the difference!”

Here we are selling a superb condition BeoLab 2 in Grey. Released back in July 2001 this small powerhouse of a sub still holds its own against many modern day subwoofers boasting the low frequency sounds that normal loudspeakers can't reproduce, BeoLab 2 utilises its built-in 850 watt amplifier to ensure that you no longer only hear your favourite piece of film or music, but feel it as well.


Beolab 8000 (pair) - SOLD


“There's not much point in thinking about BeoLab 8000 in terms of watts, woofers or tweeters. There has never been loudspeakers that look like this - or so clear and rich a sound produced from such slender cabinets.”

BeoLab 8000 represents both the engineering skills as well as the design capabilities from Bang & Olufsen. Nobody has ever built a speaker with such little net volume, only 5,3 litres, with such an impressive sound. They are provide high quality audio to match the classic Bang & Olufsen design aesthetic.