Having been a pioneer in Home Cinema during the 1980’s we have seen and experienced all there is to know in the industry. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible today. 2019 will see the next overhaul of our Westbourne showroom, where again we will make Dawson Home Cinema ‘the’ place to visit for inspiration on how we can integrate into your home.



Whether you want to dedicate a room in your home to Cinema or you want to utilise a space that will be of multipurpose use, Home Cinema can be tailored to many different forms.



With televisions increasing in screen size and the introduction of technologies such as OLED - Living Spaces are evolving into one where film can be enjoyed in stunning quality.

Looking for the ultimate experience?

Dedicate a room in your home for the Ultimate Cinematic Experience. A projector enables visuals which simply cannot be matched by television. The recent advancement of the Laser Light Source ensures an unforgettable experience, whatever you’re watching it brings movies to life with extraordinary cinematic detail, colour and contrast with virtually zero maintenance.


Enjoy all your viewing on a large fixed screen or keep it discrete until you want the full Home Cinema experience.

Projection screens can be constructed bespoke to fit your space, we will advise on the optimum width for your desired viewing distance. For a multi-purpose room the projection screen can even motorised out of a trap-door in the ceiling, leaving it completely hidden when not in use and elegantly descend when viewing commences.


A brand we use frequently for Projection Screes are Screen Research who create hand-crafted and European-built screen solutions, engineered to meet even the most challenging design and installation requirements. They offer a large choice of customised products, creating the perfect individual home cinema experience, every time.

Sound is more than Half the picture

Immerse yourself.

Sound is certainly more than half the picture. Loudspeakers for Cinema can take many different forms, we typically design and specify either in-wall or on-wall loudspeakers. Speakers can be submerged into the wall, hidden from view.

On-wall loudspeakers enable a simplified installation, but can also add to the design of the room. Bespoke options allow loudspeakers to be custom covered in your favourite Art or colour matched to the interior.


Lighting, Climate Control and Window Treatment add to the immersion of a Cinema/Media Room. We have partnered with an array of industry leaders in this field to ensure that the customer experience is unparalleled.


Lutron gives you the freedom to personalise the light in any space. Effortlessly adjust lighting levels and even have the lights automatically adapt when the film starts.


QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems specialise in providing wireless window covering solutions for the home. Full integration into a control system enables push of a button room transformation.


Simplicity is key to minimise distraction, enabled through state-of-the-art room Control, bringing to life the Cinematic Experience at the touch of a button.


Your imagination is the only limitation.

Crestron can control every aspect of a Home Cinema, operable from a single touchscreen remote or even through voice commands.