the true pioneers of OLED technology in the world of TV

We now stock LG’s OLED TV range including the 2019 models.

Boasting revolutionary energy efficiency and a sleek, ultra-slim design, whilst delivering maximum picture quality and minimum power consumption.


With Dawson’s 92 year history in the world of Audio Visual, our experience is something you simply cannot attain elsewhere.

Exceeding your expectations with a visual experience is something LG’s OLED TVs can provide and we will ensure the audio experience could not be any better for you too.

Offering bespoke installations with our own team of highly trained engineers, we offer free surveys prior to purchase to be certain that all cabling and installation of any purchases made are done to the highest of standards with no effort required from you.


Every viewing is like a gallery showing

There's thin. Then there's OLED thin. LG OLED TV's individually lit pixels require no backlight — a thing of beauty.


Perfect black brings out the darkest details

Perfect black and infinite contrast bring out shadow detail in the darkest scenes. That's the power of 8.3 million individually lit pixels in LG OLED TVs.


The brains to make everything look more real

Images, action and color are brought to new life to instantly enhance picture quality through LG's best 4K processor including 4-step noise reduction — empowered by AI at its core.


Now with seamless content sharing Apple AirPlay 2

With the new AirPlay 2* built-in, you can effortlessly cast anything from iOS or Mac to your LG AI TV, including support for Dolby Vision™. You can even sync music with other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers anywhere in your home.


Transform your TV into an entertainment powerhouse

Advanced image and sound technologies inspired by the cinema optimize picture and sound for a spectacular, more lifelike experience in every scene — it's ultravivid picture and powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around you.*